Benicia Boxing & Martial Arts now offers classes for ages 17 and up to train in Close Quarters Combat.

Close Quarters Combat (CQC) is a modern and adult oriented martial art that focuses on gaining combat effective or practical self-defense skills immediately. It is an art designed for adults and those mature enough to discuss seriously, the reality and presence of violence in our world.

Unlike many other weapons based or “empty handed” hand to hand combat systems, CQC intends to give students and practitioners useful fighting skills, both armed and unarmed, within only a few hours of training – not weeks, months or years.


Close Quarters Combat training methodology stems from the innate human desire to survive, and therefore is not limited to “style”  but rather conforms to a “reality contest” or simply “doing whatever it takes to survive”. This is not to imply that CQC training is random or unnecessarily ferocious. Instead it is quite practical because it programs an individual to remain adaptive at all times in order for one to appropriately accommodate any violent altercation safely and successfully. Students are urged to question the combat, fighting or self-defense efficacy of the techniques and tactics they are presented with, to learn and to continuously improve. Close Quarters Combat training includes traditional martial arts techniques drawn from multiple backgrounds, as well as modern military combatives.


CQC classes provide students with strategies that ultimately aim to keep them safe – some of which have nothing to do with martial technique and tactics and more to do with the mentality of personal vigilance, situational awareness and the “stay safe” attitude. The proficient practitioner of Close Quarters Combat will learn and practice ways of staying aware, fighting at a high caliber of combative skill when needed, and constantly increasing the percentages of success when faced with a dangerous or deadly engagement. CQC students train to never be the victim, truly to “win” when confronted with a violent engagement. The skill sets one learns here are not only prudent toward protecting the individual or their loved ones – but are furthermore expected to harbor positive personal confidence and self-esteem, that can and should be transferred into other areas of life. Close Quarters Combat is a study – not the glorification of violence, but the higher appreciation of life.

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